Sunday, November 11, 2012

Rolling Stones 1965

While I can still remember, and thanks to Amy at  Betty Rants  and Guapo at Guapola , I  am trying to remember concerts I (we) have been to over the years. Might be boring but probably good for the memory. At least thats my excuse for now. This could take a while.

1965   The Rolling Stones in Clearwater at a Grapefruit League baseball stadium. They played 4 songs and left. Assholes in the crowd ruined it.

On June 5, 1965, The Rolling Stones played to about 3,000 people at Jack Russell Stadium in Clearwater, Florida while on their third US tour. According to a June 6, 2007 article in the St. Petersburg Times, about 200 young fans got in an altercation with a line of police officers at the show, and The Stones made it through just 4 songs as chaos ensued. That night, Keith Richards woke up in his hotel room with the guitar riff and lyric "Can't get no satisfaction" in his head. He recorded it on a portable tape deck, went back to sleep, and brought it to the studio that week. The tape contained his guitar riff followed by the sounds of him snoring.

Richards was staying at the Fort Harrison Hotel (known at the time as the Jack Tar Harrison Hotel) when he rolled out of bed with the idea for this. The hotel still exists. In 1975, it was bought by the Church of Scientology and frequently hosts religious retreats. (thanks, Jack Russell - clearwater, FL). from

Was too young to drive, so my stepmother dropped 3 of us off and picked us up. Thanks to her.
Hey, it's a start.

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  1. Wow! I forgot you told me that you were at that concert. What a night. I love that Grandma drove you. Too funny.


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