Thursday, January 31, 2013

January 2013

January 2013 was some kind of month around here. For starters, Amy, Jenn, Aidan, Sandi, Uncle Matt, Monica, Leah, and so many others got colds/sinus/upper respiratory/ crud. Bad ones. Ok, beside that it was wonderful.

We woke up to this most mornings! Yep, Aidan, Jenn, and Andy were in town. And mostly staying with us. A grandfathers dream come true.
And the house was alive again.
Empty nesting is a bitch. Trust me.
We had people here every night and most days. To see Aidan.  Ok, Jenn and Andy too. But it was great. It reminded me a lot of when Jenn was in college and would come home. Everyone was always at our house.

He turned 1 right after Christmas and is starting to walk. But never crawled up on the fireplace 'til day 12. He had his own kitchen drawer and shelf and one cabinet  and took those apart again and again.

And......Sandi did several new paintings, one for me of the yard from the gate. Boy, she nailed it again. I love it.

the old cabin and little house doors

a miniature beyonce and yard

the old greenhouse

and 8 or so more for work...

The azaleas exploded in blooms.

Ja came back for a while

And then they all left.

And of course now he is really walking

It's mighty quiet around here.