Saturday, October 5, 2013

Ketchup with Us # 27

Well it's the 27th Ketchup with Us. Mel and Michele have been hosting this for over a year. Where does the time go?
What signals the coming of Fall? Hmm. In 57 words or less.

When we were in North Carolina, it was always the doubt.

But this is Florida. The leaves pretty much stay out.

Here it is verbal. 9 words from my wife who is always up at the butt crack of dawn.

"It's cool enough to open up for a while."

That signals that Fall is Coming!


  1. Same for me, I love the changing leaves. I would miss them if I didn't see them every year. Happy Fall... or Autumn?

  2. There is no color change here at all. That is until the new green next year.
    Miss the mountains. Thanks for reading.

  3. Beautiful picture!

  4. beautiful pictures and funny line

    those purples and oranges are definitely fall

  5. That picture is BEAUTIFUL! Does Miss Sandy know you quoted her here today? :)

    Thanks for playing, Wy. Always nice when you come to play.


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