Wednesday, December 26, 2012

It Was One Year Ago

One year ago, Sandi was on her way to Seattle.  2 days earlier than she had planned.  We got the call on Christmas night.  Jenns water had broken and our grandson was coming.  Soon.  Sandi found a flight out on the 26th, and this was going down.
   She arrived that evening and took a cab straight to the Hospital. And was there the next day when Aidan was born. Lucky girl

And he was cute.

And he came to Florida in July.

And I got to meet him.

Then in October, we went to Seattle and got to see him again

And now he had his first Christmas

And the really good news is he is coming to visit with his Dad and Mom for 2 weeks in 10 days. And he will be 1 year old.  Great job Jenn and Andy! We can't wait.



  1. Auntie Q is crying now. Thank you so much. What a beautiful reflection on the last year. Can't talk. Lump in throat. Can't see keyboard. Tears rolling down face.
    We are the luckiest family in the world.
    Love you, Grandpa Wy.

  2. These pictures are precious. I love this story!! Have so much fun.

    My parents are here now and the kids are in heaven! I can't wait to see the photos of your visit. He is too cute!!

  3. Beautiful pics and wonderful story. Glad you get to see them soon.


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