Sunday, February 19, 2017

Guess it was a draw.........

These are the Combatants 

Last night at maybe 10, the dog asks to go out. Open the back door and out he goes into the backyard (fenced) as usual. No more than 10 secs. after he is out the loudest screams start......and don't stop. Bad scary screams. So I grab a flashlight and go out. It's the dog and a pissed possum standing CLOSE. Too close.  Looks like he has the dog by the front leg and will not let go. Shit. They are still touching.
So Sandi comes out with a broom so we can try to seperate them. But they won't come apart. The fact is the possum does not have the dogs leg, but has bitten through the dogs harness and his TEETH ARE STUCK IN IT. And he can't get them unstuck.
See the problem?
Tried to remove the harness from the dog but the buckle was next to the teeth, so NO.
We poked and prodded for a couple of minutes and somehow the possum became unstuck. Thank you Lord!
Sandi hauls ass inside with the dog.  NOT A SCRATCH! Apparently the possum had got his teeth stuck right off the bat, and couldn't get free to run OR bite.  And he was so glad to be from the dog he just sat there.  Left during the night.  Sandi checked before she let them out....

Quite a unique late evening !
So lucky.

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