Thursday, December 6, 2012

Foolishness for Sunday Night Cookoff with @Guapowitz

What is your favorite part of Sunday Night Cookoff? free polls 

Guapo, Happy Birthday!

Todays Music is
Rufus Wainwright..Hallelujah

I sure enjoy your tweets and posts. Thanks for being so nice to us. And for the saliva stains on my shirt on Sunday nights. Drool. Have a wonderful birthday. They come faster and faster.


  1. LOVE the poll! *giggles*

    Happy birthday, Guaparoni.

  2. Rufus Wainwright! I so wish I'd thought of that!

  3. Great post, Wy. I went with "appetite building." And it's going to stay that way until I'm invited over to participate in this infamous dinner. :)

  4. I wonder how many saliva stained shirts he is responsible? Great post. :)

  5. One of the best songs ever!

    Thanks so much, Wyman. At some point, we're actually going to have to crack a beer and do some cooking together!
    And how could anyone not be nice to one of the finest families in the 'sphere?

    1. You're a good man, El Guapo! And I ought to know, I had my dad as an example.
      That is one of the best songs ever.
      Happy Birthday! So glad to have you as part of our family now.

  6. Cheers to our honoree on his day! Love the song and cheers to Guapo!


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